Welcome to the Unagii Documentation! This site holds pages to resources for the Unagii protocol and associated products.


Unagii is a non-custodial yield platform that empowers crypto asset owners with access to Decentralized Finance (DeFi) yields on a smart, simple, and user-friendly interface.
Our Vaults allow users to benefit from automated yield farming on the Ethereum network and from earning rewards from staking Ethereum and Tendermint assets with Stake.
Unagii breaks down complexities in delivering an easy, simple, and trustless way for users to grow their crypto portfolio and elevate their digital asset yield experience at the most efficient cost possible.
With Unagii, anyone can yield smarter with one powerful platform.

The Team

Unagii is built by a team of dedicated strategists and engineers at Stakewithus Pte Ltd on a mission to redefine the digital asset yield experience that's smarter, simpler, and fun. The firm is venture-backed and co-led by SGInnovate - a Singapore government deep tech fund, and LuneX Ventures - Golden Gate Ventures' blockchain arm.

3 Steps to Get Started

1. Onboard Account
2. Connect Wallet
3. Start to Yield
There are two ways users can yield with Unagii. Users may choose to interact with our platform as an Unagii account user or Anonymously without one.
Unagii account Creating an account allows users to consolidate their portfolio of crypto assets (available to yield with Unagii) across multiple Ethereum and Tendermint based wallets. An account is useful for users who would like to be regularly notified via email and in-app of products and marketing updates, account activities, and any emergency notifications (if any). Account users will also have the benefit of receiving priority news and the ability to participate in and be rewarded on any marketing campaign bonuses.
How to create an Unagii account? 1. Click Connect Wallet 2. Enter a valid email address 3. Set a secure password 4. Verify email address
Users will be required to connect a blockchain wallet as part of the onboarding process in order to interact and use Unagii products. Unagii supports both Web3 and hardware wallets for Ethereum and Tendermint ecosystems.
For new-to-crypto users, please ensure your wallets have sufficient ETH to pay for Ethereum gas fees when transacting with Ethereum based products such as our Vaults and staking with Kyber Network or Skale Network.
Supported Wallets: • Metamask • Torus • Fortmatic • imToken • WalletConnect • Ledger • Keystation by Cosmostation • Keplr wallet by Chainapsis
Once you've connected your wallet, choose to yield with Vaults or Stake. Then watch your balance and rewards grow!
Vaults 1. Select asset to deposit 2. Enter amount to deposit 3. Choose gas option (slow, standard, fast) to approve and confirm deposit (ETH gas fee payable)
Stake (Ethereum) 1. Select ecosystem to stake with 2. Delegate vote and approve permission for Unagii smart contract use (ETH gas fee payable) 3. Enter amount to stake 4. Confirm and sign the transaction (ETH gas fee payable)
Stake (Tendermint) 1. Select ecosystem to stake with 2. Enter amount to stake and delegate vote 3. Confirm and sign the transaction (Native token gas fee payable)
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