Unagii Vaults allows users to easily earn DeFi yields on autopilot.

The Vaults work on a simple set and forget experience that automates yield farming so any user around the world can earn high-yields with all the convenience and none of the hassles - hassles often plagued by DeFi UX complexities. Unagii streamlines yield farming and abstracts a lot of the multi-platform (and multi-step) processes to offer a simplified yield experience.

All users need to do is deposit their assets into the Vaults and watch their balances grow.

How does the Vaults work?

Unagii connects to third-party underlying Ethereum DeFi protocols that earn users high-yields on their crypto asset deposits. The Vaults optimizes yield on incentives earned from providing liquidity to AMMs (automated market makers) and lending pools, and automating the harvesting of LP (Liquidity Provisioning) rewards on a bank of whitelisted Strategies. This allows the Vaults to perform efficiently to provide gas cost-savings on Ethereum network gas fees to users and for Unagii to offer one of the lowest fees in the market.

Currently, Unagii Vaults yield on the Compound Finance and Convex Finance (utilizing Curve Finance as the underlying pool) protocol. We will include additional strategies with other protocols in the future.

There are risks when participating in DeFi within any ecosystem. Yield farming is still largely highly experimental. It is advised to not supply your life savings into DeFi. Please yield responsibly at your own risk.

Note that Unagii is currrently in a beta release too. The platform and protocol will undergo further iterations to improve usability and security. While Unagii is non-custodial and all smart contracts are fully audited, it does not mean all risks are eliminated completely.

Understanding Vaults

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