Unagii Stake allows users to easily participate in Proof-of-Stake ecosystems.

We aim to provide the best experience for users to earn yield and participate in governance (coming soon) across multiple staking networks. Save time and easily manage your staking portfolio without the hassle of swapping websites.

All users need to do is to connect a supported wallet, stake, and watch their balances grow.

How does Staking works?

Unagii connects to different Proof-of-Stake networks that earn users high-yields on their staking assets. Users can stake their crypto assets in a non-custodial manner to nodes that are run by Stakewith.us, a secure infrastructure provider based in Singapore. Staked assets help to secure Proof-of-Stake networks and allow users to participate in governance by delegating their votes to validators. In return, users who stake their assets are remunerated with network inflation (if any) and a pro-rata portion of the transactional fees.

Currently, Unagii Stake supports protocols within the Ethereum and Tendermint ecosystems. We will include additional support for new protocols in the future.

There are slashing risks when participating in staking within Proof-of-Stake protocols such as downtime risk and double signing risk. Hence it is highly recommended to stake your crypto assets with trusted validators such as Stakewith.us. It is advised to not supply your life savings into Staking. Please yield responsibly at your own risk.

Note that Unagii is currently in a beta release too. The platform and protocol will undergo further iterations to improve usability and security.

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