Unagii Account

Unagii can be accessed anywhere, anytime, as long as there is internet access and a computer.

Users can either choose to utilize Unagii anonymously by connecting their crypto-specific wallets, or by creating an Unagii account with us.

Account Opening

Users are able to open an account with Unagii via an email or via Oauth login (Facebook, Twitter and Google). The benefits of utilizing an Unagii account is as follows:

  • Cache all connected wallets and provide a holistic view of your yielding portfolio

  • Download balance history for Vault products (up to 24 months)

  • Receive the latest news and updates for Unagii products

  • Qualify for special promotions/activites on Unagii, such as giveaways, or gas rebates

Do take note that Unagii is just an interface for the user to yield trustlessly without hassle - we are non-custodial and the account feature serves mainly as a means for the user to obtain informational updates about our products.

Account Closure

Please email support@unagii.com if you would like to close your account.

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